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Part IV: How My Soul Found Holistic Healing and Naturopathic Studies

If you've stuck around and made it this far for this journey, thank YOU. I know that reading a blog podcast or simply investing your energy is precious and not given without loving intention. So, thank you for riding this wave and listening to my weaving path of storytelling.

As I mentioned in Part III, you will remember how pivotal and transformative Reiki was on my path. This was the entry point my soul was pulling me towards for years and I was being brought to this point. From a young teen who found that magical book on holistic healing and naturopathic healing to the beautiful soul who was now in her late-20' was here that I entered the new (but ancient world of remembrance of the songs of my soul) realm of infinite possibilities. This would be a wave of energy I would ride and never look back from again. I was home. It was a homecoming.

I was finding more and more of myself along this journey. It didn't all fall into my lap at once. It was crumb by crumb, piece by piece, experience by experience, and it was messy at times, but it was beautiful. I am forever grateful for trusting, surrendering, and following the stirrings even when I didn't know where it would leave me. From quitting my corporate job to following a whisper from an Earth Angel to get certified to "just be her sub for all her fitness classes" to following the crumbs of where I am today. All of these pieces came together to weave together the world I am swimming in....all in loving intention. Thank you for listening to those whispers, Nichol. I love you.

The day I quit my corporate job to step into the role as running my own fitness business, to following the breadcrumb to study brought me to the world of studying naturopathic healing and cellular regeneration by Dr. Robert Morse ND, to diving into the world of mystical, magical healing with foods and herbs with The Medical Medium, learning about truth detoxification of your lymph pathways with Dr. Jess, to embarking on the path of Shamanic studies and healing with my Shaman, to studying and FINALLY quenching my thirst for Past Life Regression (and eventually holding space for others to explore theirs), and so so so so much more. I could go on and on about all I've studied, been certified in, those I have studied/learned from, and done thus far....this is not the point of this blog.

This blog series (Part I, Part II, and Part III) were created to inspire you and to give you a small glimpse of the foundational blocks that have been crafted to create this embodied version of Nichol that you currently see. Do I plan to stay in this place only forever? Nope. I'm a magical, evolving, and multi-dimensional soul. I am open to play. I am open to shifting. I am open to expansion.

I don't have all the answers and I don't need to. I am grateful to play in this realm of being an eternal, curious, and openhearted student of the Universe. I am here to show up, shine, share, and guide others through my own lens of experiences. This is what I do. I story tell, I guide, I inspire, I teach, and most of all....I love.

I know my purpose on Earth during this lifetime is big and going to create massive ripples of impactful transformation. I open my arms wide to calling in the most magnetic, powerful, and magical souls to work with me...and those I am meant to learn from.

I hope that this blog series made you feel inspired, more curious about life, and even more in love with the infinite, quantum energies of opportunity swimming around you AND in you. This has been my journey thus far....the tipping points that brought me to where I am today. Something as simple as cracking a book open at the tender age of 12/13, to finding a tv series following Peruvian Shamans at 14/15, to the Saturn Return energy that plopped me in front of Netflix to see "The Secret" documentary waiting for me, to my divine encounter with my dear friend, being led to Reiki. All of those moments brought me here....brought me deeper and deeper home to my soul essence.

The homecoming to self is where the journey begins.

Piece by piece.

Your Soul is awaiting your remembrance.

It is ready to feel fully heard.

You desire to be fully embodied in expression.

You are home.

You are home.

You are home.

In love, Nichol

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Mahima Jain
Sep 21, 2022

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