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"Thank you again for your time yesterday! It was a wonderful, life changing hour of ‘me,’ and I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to have you in my life. You truly have an amazing gift. Your power, guidance, influence, and genuine love and care is so apparent in your work. In only 2 one hour sessions, I have learned so much about myself – some of which I have spent years in therapy trying to battle through. With your help, wisdom, and clarity, I am learning to release the things I can’t control, change my thought processes about my own self-worth, shift to the positive, be more mindful, be present and truly live in the now, change the negative to positive force, and most importantly I am working to rewrite my story and make it my own truth. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your power and influence, and I can’t wait to continue this journey with your empowering practice and healing!"

-Katie M

"Despite being apprehensive, excited, nervous and a bit scared before my session; I knew I was in good hands with Nichol.  I’ve always been drawn to her positive outlook on life and the free -spirited generous vibes she puts out-  I knew I had to check out one of her offerings.

Her space is cozy, quaint, earthly and welcoming to say the least.  She explains everything she’s going to do ahead of time (big points in my book). I felt at home, free and most of all not judged.  The play list was perfect.  Her hands felt like lava, but in a good way.  

After my session, we talked a bit, she drew some cards for me and I had some emotions.  I am not a cryer and do no cry easily.  I cried on the way home.  But they were not tears of sadness or hurt.  They were emotional tears.   Pent up emotions from years.... ongoing emotions that I tend to hide.   Over the next few days I tried disengaging (even more than normal) from toxic, negative environments.  I don’t like to entertain complainers and when I catch myself doing it I try and stop.  I spend time alone every. Single. Day.   I try to pass on gratitude.   

I will def be scheduling another session with Nichol. I def recommend this service, even if you aren’t feeling a certain way, you might leave feeling a different way. If nothing else, what’s the harm in 60 min of relaxing downtime?!?!"

-Robin P

"I recently booked an energy healing session with Nichol and was amazed at how open and great I felt after the session. I left feeling more aware and in tune with my body. The session was incredible and left me excited to continue working on healing with Nichol. 


Healing is not an easy path to embark upon; it can be messy, deeply arduous as you unearth pain and wounds that have held you back and kept you from being free. Nichol has this soothing, realistic and magical way of coaching you, discovering the root of your pain and setting you up on a path that leads to healing and healthy thoughts.


Upon entering Nichol's space,  you will notice how cozy, warm, inviting and earthly her little space is. Nichol will explain what to expect during your session, and will make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed. This is something that sets Nichol apart from the few other healers I have encountered over the past few years. Nichol has this feel-good vibe that she puts off, and she ensures that you are feeling safe and at ease when in her presence. 



During my energy session, Nichol had me lay on her table and she covered me with the softest blanket and covered my eyes with a sleep mask infused with soothing lavender. A playlist was created and started playing and the first song played immediately brought me to tears. It reminded me of a time in my life where I was more free and had less on my mind that I found to be troublesome. 


Nichol placed her hands near my head and I could feel heat radiate from her hands and a buzzing sensation. I also felt so many emotions and as she continued to work, I experienced joy and sorrow as well as cried. There were moments where I felt the energy pass between us and I remember on three separate occasions hoping that she would go back to my hand and touch my hand. Her energy and the vibe she gave off was incredible and I wanted more of that feeling. 


Once the session ended, she sat down with me and we discussed the session. She shared her insight, what was passed along to her and she asked me for my input. Nichol shared with me cards that she had pulled prior to the session and we talked about what I should work on upon leaving the session. I must say, I was amazed during out talk at how the feelings of emotions I experienced at certain moments aligned with a message she received or something that she picked up on. 


Nichol checked in on me a week later to see how I was feeling, and to make sure I was working with my goddess and working on healing myself. This is something that she does often and she is always available for questions and feedback.


Honestly, I can't  imagine not having Nichol in my life. I met her for the first time nine months ago and I immediately felt like knowing her was like being home. She is warm, and intuitive, gracious and kind, and loving and honest. She is passionate about healing and taking care of your soul and she has the most beautiful and kindest soul of anyone that I have known. 


I have already booked sessions with her for the next two months and I strongly urge everyone to work with Nichol. Your life will be enriched in many ways for working with and knowing her.  I am forever grateful for the healing and coaching she has brought into my life."

-Leslie F

"I had a Reiki session with Nichol last week. It was an amazing experience. When I first arrived she had already prepared the space. I could feel the relaxing and positive energy immediately. I was invited by the soothing smells of incense and essential oils. The lights were dim. It was the perfect setting.


She had intuitively chosen the music for my session. She began at my head placing her hands on me and working her way down the rest of my body. I could physically feel my body become lighter as I released the negative energy and became more balanced. It was incredible.


It has been one week since my session and I have noticed that I am more patient and have more energy. I have this strong desire to clean my house and remove everything that is no longer needed or serving me.


I highly recommend Nichol. She has a gift that I am so glad she is sharing with us. I am looking forward to another session with her in the future."

-Kristin H

"I had been wanting to experience a journey into a past life for a while. I was very curious about what it would look like and feel like. 


It was very freeing and fluid feeling. Almost like floating.  It allowed me to see parts of myself that I hadn’t visited in a very long time!  I can still clearly see the images I captured in my mind of my experience. 


I am so glad that I opened my mind and my heart to this experience.  I would love to do it again and see what we uncover!"

-LeeAnn P

On the day that I emailed Nichol to tell her I was interested in the "Soul Searcher "group, I was scared of the unknown, but in my heart I knew this group was something I needed in my life.From learning about Chakras, meditations, and looking for signs, I truly feel I have grown tremendously.


I have also learned how important it is to make time for ME! Spending time by myself and doing things that make me happy have helped me learn more about who I am.I am so appreciative of Nichol and all she has put into this group!


We are each on our own path yet she has put so much of herself into each of our own lives.Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

-Kat R

Nichol is an amazing kindred spirit who’s strength and positivity is contagious! I would highly recommend her!

Pete L.

My testimony to Nichol and her spiritual guidance, education, and Reiki healing.

I want to preface this with my medical history and what led me to Nichol.


My anxiety and fears came to a boiling point in 2013 after years of struggling to get pregnant. Meeting with fertility doctors, ultrasounds, physical examinations, and finally a diagnosis that had been impeding my progress in trying to conceive. Endometriosis. I finally had a diagnosis and a “plan” on moving forward towards my goals of pregnancy. I underwent a surgery, more u/s, more physical examinations, and a failed IUI treatment. My next step was IVF. A grueling month of fertility medications and injections yielded an undesirable u/s with less than desirable follicles to continue. I was devastated yet again, but determined to push through another month of medications and injections. My fertility doctor/nurses were very knowledgeable and I trusted in

them to yield a positive pregnancy; however, I was missing a piece of comfort and nurturing.

This is the point where I felt in my heart that I needed something else to help me get through. Enter Spirituality and Reiki healing. I candidly messaged Nichol about the idea of Reiki … To

my surprise she responded that this was something she was passionate about and was willing to start working with me and provide energy healing. I was relieved just at her willingness to help me in some way. I felt safe and supported at that very moment. We started meeting regularly to do Reiki energy healing sessions. During these sessions I went through so many different stages of healing. She educated me about different chakras and explained reasoning in cleansing these areas to nurture a healthy pregnancy.


In addition, I encountered multiple spiritual signs/messages during and after our meetings. These spiritual messages/signs became more frequent and apparent as time went on. They were comfort and

winks from the universe letting me know that everything was going to work out.

Nichol continued to work with me during my successful IVF round and throughout my

pregnancy. She was a comforting and calming soul that put my fears at ease. She encouraged the idea of affirmations during my pregnancy. In addition, she provided me with spiritual guides and ways to communicate my thoughts to them. I will be forever grateful for her graciousness to

help nurture my soul and provide me with so many spiritual lessons.


I truly believe her help and guidance through energy healing and spirituality played a major role in the healthy pregnancy of my two baby girls. Thank you Nichol for everything!"

-Kristen L

Nichol is truly amazing. I'm forever grateful for her. I was lucky to have been able to work with her doing a lot of inner self worth and helping me learn about where some of my anger, my pain, and sadness were stemming from!


I took her teachings and knowledge and started applying it to my everyday life. With the positive affirmations she gives it always felt like she was right there giving me a hug.


I’m very thankful for the progressive life reading that was actually able to feel some of my darkness of dark misery were explained!


It’s not everyday you meet someone like Nichol and there is not a single night that goes by I don’t thank my angles/guides/the Holy Spirit for being able to say I have met her beautiful soul and had the privilege to work with her, and learn from her teachings!

Shannon Christine

"I have had the pleasure of having Nichol Altman in my life for over 6 years now. She is a kindred soul of mine. Being lucky enough to have been part of her soul searcher group has opened my soul to so many new thoughts, coping mechanisms, and life changing practices. Nichol is not only an amazing leader, but you can palpate her passion and dedication to those with whom she guides. Her group is a loving, warm, inspiring setting, which even from thousands of miles away and via computer or phone is received. The group is composed of women from different backgrounds and places in life, and yet it flows beautifully. Nichol has been there for my emergency guidance needs or just to talk. I am so grateful for her work because it has allowed me to be more comfortable in my universal relationship, and the ideals and feelings I experience. She has helped me grow and learn in my own practice. As well as increased my overall knowledge of my chakras, crystals, numerology, affirmations, spirit guides, and all that the universe has planned for me. I will no longer ever feel alone. I know my spirit guides and beautiful people like Nichol are there for me. I am so excited to follow her journey, and so thankful that she is a part of my life."

-Carrie R

"Nichol's soul searcher babes and her experience and insight has been such a blessing in my life.


The group has been helpful in the fact of being around like minded women. The group provided a safe haven and an openness which is hard to find.


I love the way Nichol shares her experiences and gives suggestions to help grow us spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I feel as though I have so many tools and have been able to out into practice daily things to keep me growing. I truly feel her love and energy when around her... not everyone has such great energy!


I've been on a spiritual journey for awhile now and I honestly feel like i just got more pieces to the puzzle of life. I don't do well with people telling me what to do or what not to do, but Nichols suggestions and raw honest truth has only helped... either take some good action or not. It's our lives.


Nichol is intuitive and real.. she's made of all the good stuff!"

-Meghan W.

I found Nichol a few months on social media. I gave her podcast a listen and I instantly felt her love and authentic nature. Her podcasts continued to resonate with me, so I decided to reach out.  Nichol was very warm and open with everything she shared online. 

This past June I was looking to deepen my own practice with Nia (a dance movement form) and the way I showed up as a teacher. I knew I wanted Nichol to help me navigate through the fears and limits I had set for myself. Nichol was very easy work with. I loved how she set up an initial call to just get to know each-other and see what I wanted out of our sessions.  She also gave me information on my major astrological placements as well my Human Design. Learning about Human Design was so fascinating! I truly feel like this piece of information changed how I looked at how I could go forward in my work. (Like a puzzle piece).

Nichol held such a sacred and safe container for me, she guided me with multiple types of meditations, chakra scans, channeling and visualizations, pulling cards etc. I love how she had so many different ways to approach energy and healing. I do believe one needs/wants to be ready to dive in - I was ready - And with the tools and knowledge Nichol provided I came out stronger. I initially came with one thing in mind - to break my fear and allow the creativity flow out of me - however I learned or better yet discovered things I deeply knew in my soul - I was able to process, cry, talk and laugh with her. The energy that Nichol holds is strong and loving. I am truly grateful for our time together. I found her when I was ready on my path - I remember in one of her podcasts Nichol talked about soul expanders - Nichol is an expander.  And I’m not gonna lie; I also feel like I gained a soul friend.


Much love. 

 Mel D.

I have had a difficult and scary pregnancy and I have some major tests coming up to determine the outcome of my daughter’s life. Nichol came highly recommended from from a spiritual friend I love and trust, so I thought “let’s give this shot”.

Making the appointment and confirmation was easy, thorough and I already got a caring and great feeling from Nichol. As I showed up she greeted me with love and explained exactly what was to take place.

The session started with comfort and warmth - eyes covered with an aromatherapy cloth and a cleaning spirit. I immediately felt a rush of energy down the center of my body to my womb and daughter (who barely moves) kicked!!


As Nichol worked down and around my body she worked a lot on her intentions of grounding me and making me feel safe within my self and my pregnancy. I smiled almost the whole session because as Nichol specifically worked on my womb my daughter danced and danced with her energy! I have NEVER felt her move that much EVER!! And the whole 30+ mins Nichol was on my womb My girl danced and tumbled with glee! It was not only a miracle but extremely calming for me to know she’s alive and happy.

As the session finished Nichol invited me to sit and chat with her about my energy and the session. She said many wonderful things but the most important being that my daughter was happy, sweet, calm and OK!! (Bring on the tears).

Nichol is an AMAZING POWERFUL PURE spirit and healer! She gave me peace and hope and happiness. Plus when the session is over it’s not - she sent me my healing playlist and post session notes are to come!

I HIGHLY recommend Nichol - pregnant or not! I will be a regular and be recommending her to all my pure energy white light goddess witches out there! She is super fair priced and will give you a session you will never forget!

Thank you Nichol! I cannot say enough good things!


All my love - Kelly

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