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Part II: How My Soul Found Holistic Healing and Naturopathic Studies

So now, you must be asking yourself with all this cellular memories unlocked in my body if I pursued any healing arts as a teen...right? Well, the short answer is no. Hello, I was a teen who was all about her athletics, friends, and boyfriend. BUT, that didn't mean I wasn't still hyper curious about it all. I often found myself writing notes to angels or guides (I had no clue what I was doing, but I felt led to do these things), I was so obsessed with past lives and past life regression (how many teens do you know who wanted to ask for a regression as a gift? ha ha), and would often take Sylvia Brown books from my moms room to read.

I have to mention my momma here now because she was so influential in my life. She was this curious, seeker soul who would check out literally EVERY SINGLE book she could find on past lives, near death experiences, angels, star seeds, communicating beyond the veil, and literally anything that was probably considered "too weird", "too out there", or "taboo" in the 90's. Seeing books lay around the house checked out from the library on these subjects was normal in our house and I didn't know any differently. My mom was always reading and eventually joined a book club that would mail her books, so now she had bigger access to many more books that would quench her thirst. I like to tell people that I grew up in a really spiritual household because I did. It was a free spirited house where my parents would expressing themselves creatively through music (my dad is a huge music lover and musician) and through books that would create sparks of awakening in my mom....who I might note is an amazing singer. (my parents had several jam bands while I was growing up. Yeah, I was that cool kid growing up. At least I thought so. ha ha) I feel really fortunate to have grown up with the parents I was gifted and the home I grew up in. It always felt like a safe, nurturing, and loving environment that created an energy where I could do the things that brought me joy.

Growing up I was able to excel and soar in athletics. I was deeply connected to my body and had such a natural ability to do things with it....especially when it came to any type of physical activity, sports, etc. I did gymnastics, cheerleading, volleyball, track, basketball.....I did a lot and I feel grateful I had that privilege in my childhood. I'm sure while myself, my younger sister, and my little brother all explored out interest my mom put her spiritual research on the backburner. Actually, I know she did. Both her and my dad were extremely present in our lives and showed up to everything we did. Yet another thing I am grateful for....because as a parent now myself who has a multi-layered and vast passion of things I often ask myself, "How in the hell did my parents do it all?" This is something I always ask my mom.

So, let's flash forward into my mid-20's now, shall we? Here I am working in corporate America in finance, yes...FINANCE of all things. If my math teachers were to know this they might be shocked...haha. I know I was. Me + numbers=no bueno! I worked in finance for 7 years....7 long years. Not all was bad. I met beautiful friends there, I gained confidence being a leader at work, and I learned all about what I really wanted. I was working fulltime, married, and had 2 kids. Now that, that was a juggling act all in itself. Up to this point I was still just living life and trying to survive this rat race, but my mom....well, she was back in her spiritual state of mind. I would often see her tapping her third eye and she would tell me she was "decalcifying her third eye". At this point, I was not deep into the energy of this world (yet) I would often say, "You are so weird, mom" and laugh in a really playful, light-hearted way.

Here I was, mid-20's, having babies, married, and truly figuring out this "adult" thing....or trying to at least and there was my mom....back to this place and space that she hit pause on while she was raising myself, my sister, and my brother with the help of my dad. She got back into her books, started to watch YouTube videos on topics that interested her, and her she her flow and I was able to observe her and be surrounded by it again.

You might be asking yourself at this point, "Nichol, what is your dad doing during all of this? Is he tapped in to?". Well, my dad was and will always be that mellow guy who loves his music, to kick back with his beer, and just be in the flow of life. He is a soft spoken and observing kinda guy...and he has some "woo woo" in him too otherwise he wouldn't have been by my mom's side since they were 17 and 18 years old. So, even though he isn't "in it" daily like she is/was....he is still in it just by being in the same space as my momma.

As I navigated my mid-20's and drew closer to my Saturn Return things were about to flip upside down on it's head and I was about to let go of everything I thought I knew and begin a WHOLE new path......

To be continued........

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