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Sacred Offerings


In this 3-month container you will be lead deeper into yourself as you unravel stories that have been woven into your energy that no longer serve.

Your time in this container is 100% curated to what support you desire and need most. 

Some Things this 1:1 container can assist you with:

  • Clearing Energy Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

  • Your Soul Purpose Work

  • Energy and Chakra Alignment Practices

  • Developing your Intuitive Gifts

  • Stepping More Into Your Power

     AND so much more!


This container is for anyone who is looking for extra support and guidance on their journey.  The work that is done in the container is intuitively lead and may combine energy work, Shamanic Journeying, Somatic Movement, Nervous System Support, Guided Imagery, Akashic Records, and anything else that comes up as something of benefit to you.


This is a mind, body, and soul immersion of helping you to move closer home to self.  This container serves to be a grounded, but powerful time that will shift your energy and help one get "unstuck" or step more into their gifts, power, and purpose work.

Please send me a message for more information and to work together.


What is the purpose of Past Life Journey?

Past Life Journey (regression) sessions is a 90-minute journey can help you to see, access, and experience many lifetimes/quantum streams/realms based on your  personal intention of what you wish to see, heal, clear, or gain insight in. They provide healing wisdom, energy clearings, understanding from within, empowerment, and so much more. 

What can this help you achieve?

Past Life Journey sessions can help you to clear patterns in your current life that are blocking you, reconnect to positive lifetimes where you were in your power, to see future versions of yourself, spiritual insight, to heal childhood traumas, help to heal phobias, uncover origins of trauma from a past life that is affecting you to this day, and much more. It can help you feel lighter so that you can achieve and reclaim your full potential in this lifetime. This will look different for EVERYONE, so it's very (and highly recommended) that you set the intention that will best serve your Highest Self.

How are sessions conducted?

During our session together I will take you into a deep state relaxation combined with guided visualizations and breath-work. Once I feel as though you are relaxed I will begin my process of bringing you into a state of hypnosis that allows the unconscious and sub-conscious mind to step forward and show you through your Akashic Records the lifetime(s) you are ready to experience (this will be further discussed in our pre-session chat that we will have prior to your first session with me).


During the session I will be asking you questions, letting you explore what you are seeing, and through this back and forth dialogue we will be uncovering the information that is best suited for you in this NOW moment.  

You will also be given an Past Life Journey Integration PDF following your session.

Please message me for more information and to book your session.


Release. heal, activate, and connect to your sacred womb space

In-depth shamanic womb healing that uses breath-work, energy work, somatic movement, and Shamanic practices to release pain, trauma & ancestral patterns.


Helping you to connect with and awaken the ancient gifts, remembrance, and wisdom within your "Creatix Cave".


This session is a 2-part session that is helpful for those with menstrual issues, fertility issues, for healing after a miscarriage, birth trauma, sexual trauma, confidence issues, creative blocks, painful sex, those wishing to conceive, and anyone wanting to more fully embody their womb wisdom and power.

Please message me for more information and to book your session.


In this private coaching container you will be addressing the mind-body-soul connection through various tools such as the food you eat, mindset remapping, inner child work, nervous system regulation, shamanic journeying, past life regression, intuitive energy work, womb healing, and so much more.

Each container is 100% INTUITIVE based on what you top 3 intentions are and this can/will change based on what is uncovered during our time together. This coaching container is a MINIMUM of 3-months and can be extended if need be. 

You will have a total of 6 zoom calls (75-min long), a personalized health plan, guided meditations, healing guided PDF's, a private folder for you to access with all your materials,  and access to me between all session calls via text and/or Voxer.

If you are looking to optimize your life, heal yourself, and become the most optimal version of self then this offer is for you.

Please reach out to get more details about this offering and to see if it is a good fit for what you are looking for.

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