Sacred Offerings




In-person AND Virtual 

In this session we will be combining energy work, chakra cleansing, crystal grids on the body, essential oils, sound bowl healing, vibration tuning forks, affirmation alignment technique, Goddess energy, card pulls, Shamanic healing, and so much more.


The session our intention is to balance, cleanse, clear, and harmonize your energetic flow in the mind-body-soul connection by clearing energy blocks, stagnant energy, relaxing and calming the body, reducing inflammation, re-balancing your chakras, looking at limiting beliefs that may come up, and  boosting the life force energy that runs through your entire being.  Through the introduction of energy work one can unlock inner wisdom and tap back into their highest self.  


In this relaxed state I will work by focusing my energy flow on various points/areas of your body while Universal energy flows through me and I will be transferring the healing energy you need during the session.


I also combine Shamanic practices, sound therapy, essential oils, crystals, and a variety of healing techniques as I am guided to do so. The session is 100% intuitively led from a guided, feminine energy flow. I feel each session should flow in the manner that each client needs in that moment to serve their highest expansion. 

At the end of your session we will chat for about 10-15 min to discuss the intuitive soul messages  that may have come up in your session.


After our session wraps you will be sent a copy of your playlist that I intuitively picked out and a integration support PDF.

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What is the purpose of Past Life Journey?

Past Life Journey (regression) sessions can help you to see, access, and experience many lifetimes/quantum streams/realms based on your  personal intention of what you wish to see, heal, clear, or gain insight in. They provide healing wisdom, energy clearings, understanding from within, empowerment, and so much more. 

What can this help you achieve?

Past Life Journey sessions can help you to clear patterns in your current life that are blocking you, reconnect to positive lifetimes where you were in your power, to see future versions of yourself, spiritual insight, to heal childhood traumas, help to heal phobias, uncover origins of trauma from a past life that is affecting you to this day, and much more. It can help you feel lighter so that you can achieve and reclaim your full potential in this lifetime. This will look different for EVERYONE, so it's very (and highly recommended) that you set the intention that will best serve your Highest Self.

How are sessions conducted?

During our session together I will take you into a deep state relaxation combined with guided visualizations and breath-work. Once I feel as though you are relaxed I will begin my process of bringing you into a state of hypnosis that allows the unconscious and sub-conscious mind to step forward and show you through your Akashic Records the lifetime(s) you are ready to experience (this will be further discussed in our pre-session chat that we will have prior to your first session with me).


During the session I will be asking you questions, letting you explore what you are seeing, and through this back and forth dialogue we will be uncovering the information that is best suited for you in this NOW moment.  

You will also be given an Past Life Journey Integration PDF following your session.

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(In-person AND Virtually)

This session is a multi-dimensional experience of expression and embodiment that will incorporate various healing techniques and modalities that I have learned/studied/been taught over the course of my own personal journey. The intention of this session is to create a sacred space for the client to receive the energy that will serve their highest good as well as inviting the client into this experience.


As the client you will be deep diving into your inner realms accessing wisdom, healing, and information while also receiving the beautiful healing benefits. The session is an opening to dive into the unique, creatrix codes you have awaiting your homecoming from within.  Through the session you will be unlocking dormant DNA codes, clearing energy, diving deeper into communion with your body, awakening the Inner Goddess, and tapping back into the sacred wisdom from within..


Some of the practices that will infused to the session will be:









As you dive into your inner realms you access layers of your sub-conscious as well as your consciousness that help reveal stories embedded in your cellular memory and allow those to unfold for your own innerstanding. The healing benefits of this session are so deeply profound. You will be lead deep into the womb/sacral space through your heart chakras as you explore the deep wisdom well that you have from within, your sacred chalice. 


This session serves to amplify your capacity of living in alignment to your truth, authentic self, and higher truth of your potential. Through this space to journey, receive healing, and drop deep into your inner wonderland you experience a greater connection to yourself, source energy, deeper awareness,inner clarity, and a deep reawakening of your unique codes.

After the session is complete there will be about 10-min for discussion and sharing to discuss what came up and time to integrate the information that was activated. You will also receive your Zoom recording of your session and supportive integration PDFs.

Please message me through my website to access online booking link..

  • Energy Work

  • Shamanic Journey

  • Chakra Alignment

  • Somatic Dance Expression and Movement 

  • Breath-work

  • Light Language Activation|Blessing