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Welcome, Beautiful Soul

Immersed in nature and receiving the healing, wisdom, and grounding.

Brandy Cunningham Photography

For years, I searched for a  deeper meaning to life, knowing that there was more than meets the eye. For as long as I can remember, I've always been a highly intuitive, sensitive, and mystical soul.   I was often told I was "too tender-hearted" or "too sensitive."  I was, and still am, that soul who could cry at the drop of a hat due to the immensity in which I feel and sense energy within me and all around me. Over the past decade I have leaned into becoming this beautiful, open seeker on my path. Always staying aware and open to meeting new parts, melting back into myself, and shedding what no longer served. 


I embarked on this path of remembrance of my gifts, reclaiming my power, and allowing my expression to be potent medicine not only for the collective, but for myself as well. I unraveled layers of beliefs, stories, past life energy imprints, hidden gifts, and narratives around who I was suppose to be. This process has led me to where I am today, in this moment. I'm an eternal student and an eternal teacher. I am always evolving on this path, as we all are. That's the beauty of this life.  We are allowed to shed and rebirth as many times as our soul desires. 

My soul has always gravitated toward the deep, sacred, wild, and ancient truths that are encoded within our entire being. Throughout my deep, mystical homecoming to self I've learned that our Sovereignty in all aspects of our life is the greatest medicine to bring forth our own unique truths. The wild, the sacred, the ancient, and the free flowing frequency of love that dances within each of us. I've learned to embrace and own all the parts of me that may seem different than most and have learned to love the fuck out of them, ALL OF THEM.  My soul craves the unbeaten path and the freedom that comes from experiencing life in all the ways that feel in alignment and integrity to my soul. 

Through my work, my deeply rooted and sacred intention is to bring you into the DEEPEST opening and invitation to unleash the powerful essence that is held within your unique blueprint and deepest connection to Jesus.  To tap you into your wild, potent, and spiritual expression of truth that is fully anchored in the frequency of love.  My biggest passion and sacred WHY is to help guide you back and melt you layers, upon layers, upon layers deeper into these threads and codes of empowered truth that you have inside.


The opening into your truth, your expression and your sovereignty is what I am so passionate about guiding you back home into. Helping you to clear blocks, activate your dormant codes, and to tap you back into the energy of the of your power, your truth, your expression, and your God given gifts.


Maybe you've been the seeker, maybe you are the seeker, or maybe you know there is MORE than what is currently being embodied in your beautiful expression of self.  You are the medicine you seek. Your expression is alchemy and magic that desires to be shared.


You ARE the answer you have been searching for.


It is not outside of you. It  lives within. You are the sacred bridge between Heaven and Earth.


You are a beautiful channel of wisdom.

And that, that is my SACRED WHY to the work that I do.


About Nichol:

I am an Energy Alchemist, Shamanic Practitioner, Past Life Regression Guide, Soul Coach, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, and a Group Fitness Instructor with over a decade of experience. 

I'm an Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon and a Libra rising. So, I am def down to get weird, deep, otherworldly, and all the while seeing the deep beauty in it all. I'm a total Boho, free-spirited, and tree hugging  soul who loves to explore all of life's experiences. I have a deep love and affinity for the late 60's, Woodstock, Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, a starry night sky, nature, and humanity. 

My work blends and mixes somatic movement, breath-work, energy medicine,  Shamanic journeying, past life journey exploration, EFT, meditation, Akashic Records, along with a WHOLElistic approach of mind, body, and soul.

All genders, backgrounds, races, sexual orientations, and beings are welcome here in this space.

You are safe and you are held in this space. 

Happiness is not seeked from outside of oneself. It is cultivated and curated from within.
Brandy Cunningham Photography
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