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Support Your Hormones with Herbs

I have become very intentional over the last several months of adding in daily herbs via making hot herbal tea infusions that are supportive of my hormones and my monthly cycles.

I love learning about herbs, how they support the body, and how to incorporate them into my day to day life. I have taken LOTS of herbal courses, read lots of books, studied various ones during my holistic health and nutrition schooling, and used many in my life. I am not an herbalist, but rather someone who is passionate about using the God given resources avaialbe on this Earth as means to help nourish, aide, and heal the body.

My favorite way is to make up a "base tea" blend that I put and store in a mason jar that is made up of herbs such as Red Raspberry Leaf, Nettle, Rose, Chamomile, Oatstraw, and Spearmint. This blend is my base for all my hormonal teas throughout my month.

My Hormonal Tea "base blend" is what I will use daily and depending on where I'm at within my cycle (Menstrual, Follicular, Ovulation, or Luteal) I will add in additional loose leaf herbs to that base blend for that day. I find this to be really supportive and helpful practice to my daily routine.

I start my day by brewing up my tea batch for the day and let it infuse a glass infusion bottle that I found on Amazon. I find extremely it helpful for myself in having it prepared and readily available for me to consume thoruhgout my day. The glass infusion container typically yields me around 2-3 cups a day (depends on how large my mug is) I cannot find the one I use, but you can search on Amazon as they have tons. The one I have and use is in the below picture (it's glass and BPA free)

Here's a little info on each of the herbs I use in my "base blend" for my Hormonal Tea: Red Raspberry Leaf Powerful anti-inflammatory benefits Adaptogenic Properties

Uterine Toning Rich in minerals and vitamins

Rich in Magnesium Hormone Balancing Helps tone and tighten pelvic muscles Rose Great for skin Super high in antioxidents Helps improve sex drive Hormone Balancing Collegen production May relieve anxiety

Nettle Rich in Iron Hormone Balancing Hair Health and Growth Reduces inflammation Lowers blood sugar Cortisol Balancer Liver Support Helps with Estrogen Issues (dominance or low levels) Chamomile Anti-inflammatory Boosts Mood Hormone support Helps reduce menstrual pain Helps with blood sugar Calming

Oatstraw Libido help Endocrine Support Nervous system support Skin Health

Adrenal Support Energy level support Menstrual support Hormone support

Spearmint Balances testosterone levels Blood sugar balancing helper Helps with PCOS issues

Hormone support

So, you can see why I use this as my base : ) It's pretty jam packed full of goodness that supports the body is so many helpful ways.

You can simply drink this base tea throughout the month as is or you can add in additional herbs for your Menstrual, Luteal, Ovulation, and Follicular phases to help support those unique days/weeks.

Here is what I would use for each phase (in addition to the base blend). You do not have to do ALL of them that are listed under each phase. You can choose to do one or as many as you want. This list is just to give you options. Menstural Turmeric Luteal Tulsi Dandelion Peppermint Ginger

Follicular Tulsi Red Clover Ovulation Tulsi Red Clover Dandelion Turmeric

I hope you found this helpful or insightful. I find using herbs such a supportive way to give the body a HUGE shot of micronutrients and minerals in a really effective way. Plus, this is a really nice ritual to get into with drinking some hot herbal tea.

Side Note:

I buy all of these organic loose leaf teas from Mountain Rose or on Amazon (I use the brand Starwest Botanicals), and Kauai Pharmancy for already blended up herbal teas. (not sponsored. Just sharing what brands I love and use)

Hugs, Nichol

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