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Red Light Therapy and It's Beautiful Benefits

Red Light Therapy is such a beautiful and healing modality. Over the past several years science has finally been catching up to just how healing and beneficial red light waves truly are to the human mind, body, and it's overall healing capabilities. (NASA started off watching the benefits it had on plants) Lucky for humanity...there have been loads of people speaking it's praised FAR BEFORE science even "endorsed it". (go figure, right? It always takes modern science a bit to catch up or even endorse such self-healing methods it seems. At least that's my opinion)

So, what is RLT? RLT is a therapeutic, low wavelength grade red light that's uses are used to heal skin issues, mood disorders, and various other ailments one may have. RLT increases your mitochondria function which help your cells to create more ATP which in return increases energy, function, and the healing/repairing/rejuvenation methods of those cellular functions within your own body. (Your body KNOWS how to heal and repair is our job to help assist in those functions.)

How can you do RLT?

One may use a RLT device panel in their home or one can seek out a center that has RLT as one of their many services. I recommend having one at home and I will share toward the end of this post where you can buy them and set them up in your room for a relatively cost-effective way. There are many devices, panels, and ways to create a RLT situation in your home at various price points.

Doing my morning RLT session here.

How do you do RLT?

Turn on your panel or light, and then allow yourself to sit near or in front of your RL and just be. Personally for me, I prefer to do mine naked or with the bare minimum on. I do about 20-minutes minimum a day. Somedays I do it much longer if I can. I will usually sit in silence and meditate, do it while I'm doing my daily coffee enema, have it on while I'm doing my lymphatic drainage practice and dry brushing, or while I'm laying in bed. I just try to fit it into my day in some way, shape, or form that works for my lifestyle.

What benefits does RLT have? Reduces cellulite formation Improves blood flow Helps to speed up wound healing

Muscle recovery Repairs acne scars Improves skin texture May reduce wrinkles Helps with collagen production Reduces aches and pains Increases energy levels Helps with seasonal depression Supports a balanced mood

Improves one's mental clarity

Reduces inflammation in body Improves lymphatic mobility Helps with various women's reproductive issues

May improve gut healing and function Better sleep Improves Thyroid function Harmonizes your circadian rhythm Helps with oxidative stress in body Can assist in healthy metabolism and metabolic functions

As you can see, this list in very lengthy in showcasing the massive benefits one can receive by being in the presence of receiving these red waves of light. This is JUST some of what it can do. I highly encourage you to do your own research and read for yourself just what it's all about : )

This is my panel I use at home for RLT

Now, I want to share that you CAN receive RL from the sun too. I will only use my RLT panel in the warmer months if it's cloudy out. I prefer to get my RL from the most natural source of all, the sun. Plus, the sun is VITAL to all I listed in the RLT benefits as well as helping your body to NATURALLY produce its OWN source of Vitamin D. How cool is that? Your body ONLY needs sunshine on it's skin to produce and make it's own source of Vitamin D???? The sun is your friend....not your enemy. Stay tuned for a podcast episode on just how demonized the sun has become, how that started, and the TRUTH about the sun and it's healing properties.

Where can you get a RLT panel or set-up? I will link a few options for you here below.... Red Light Therapy Panel on Amazon Red Light Therapy Panel on Amazon (2) BioLight RLT Panel/Device

Make your own set-up for a very affordable rate: Red Light Bulbs from Amazon Chicken Coop Lamp

I hope this helped you to learn more about RLT, what it does, how it can help, and how to ultimately create your own system at home. I included several different price points so that you have options no matter what you budget may be.

Enjoy! Nichol

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