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Welcome to Soulfully Awakened

Brandy Cunningham Photography

I finally DID IT you guys! I finally created a website and a space where you can find me, my offerings, upcoming gatherings, and all that magical goodness. I now FINALLY have a safe space for myself to blog, write, speak, and share.

You may be asking yourself, "WHY did it take you SO LONG, Nichol?" Well, if I'm being honest..... I had a really hard time accepting that it was time to stop playing it so small, staying hidden, and fearing the "being seen". To some, this may seem like such an easy thing to overcome, but for me it hasn't been. I've been dragging my feet on this task for so damn long, y'all. I finally just said, "Fuck it....I'm tired of being fearful of all of this. Just do it. Let's do it, Nichol." And now...."Soulfully Awakened" has be born.

It feels weird and good to be doing be making it "official" in a sense. But it's's done now. I'm officially here, babes.

This space will be one that is authentically me. I will share blog posts, writings, thoughts, and whatever else I feel called to do. This isn't a space of perfection...what is perfect anyway other than a perception? I'm multi-dimensional....and so my page will reflect all of that as well. I am free to be be fluid.....and to share my voice.

I hope you guys will enjoy this new space I created and will join me in becoming your MOST SOULFULLY AWAKENED selves.

Hugs and Love,


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