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Labels....Labels are Weird, man!

Labels. Labels. Labels. (Sung to the tune of “Money, Money, Money” by ABBA).

Let’s talk about labels. It’s been something I’ve thought a lot about over the past year or more. We label EVERYTHING. Like EVERYTHING. Why? Because it helps people understand, provides them with duality, and helps people feel “safe”. I have had a real “love/hate” relationship with labeling things (myself especially) for the past year or so.

I probably have such a weird relationship with it because I often get asked, “So, tell me about your job. What do you do?” (This always brings up a million things I wanna describe into words about all I embody. Anyone else feel this way? ) I mean, it’s hard to “box myself in” and label myself and all I do. Because it’s complex, deep, and ever evolving. I’m a multi-dimensional Soul. I do a lot, I am a lot, and I feel called to a lot. I am not a simple tagline. I am not your average career choice (what the fuck is an “average career” choices anyway?) I do not think like most people I know. I am unlimited, multi-dimensional, infinite, and uniquely me.

Over the past year I have really become aware of how much we as a society (myself included) label and categorize everything. It’s kinda weird to me. I don’t have it all figured out, but I know it’s something I find myself asking, “Why?” about A LOT. And you know.....self-inquiry is a pretty fucking good sign some shedding and evolving are happening.

Isn’t the journey a return to our TRUE self? To remembering who we were before we were given labels? Picked up identities? False self masks? The one energy before we had a face? Stripped away of all labels, but back to infinite Source? I think so.

Maybe you feel this way too and my words resonate with you. Maybe my voice and words give tangible grounding into your inner thoughts. Maybe seeing this written out helps you make sense of thoughts you’ve been thinking, but couldn’t quite articulate. I see you. I feel you. I honor you.

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