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Insightful Nuggets from Within

Picture taken by Brandy Cunningham Photography

So, a few days ago I came across a picture on IG with this message, “Unfollow anyone on social media and in real life who doesn’t make you feel empowered, informed, or inspired.”....and at first I was all like, “Hell, yes!! DO IT!!!” and then a thought settled in......WHAT IF you or I sat with the feeling of , “Okay, I feel compelled to unfollow or stop being around this person. Why? What’s going on? What about their presence, account or posts is making me feel dis-empowered? Uninformed? Uninspired?” And listen. Like really, fucking listen with openness to your inner thoughts.

Just hear me out for a minute....I am in no way shape or form saying you need to keep following accounts that make you feel bad about you.(like seriously, not suggesting keeping anyone on your feed or life who makes you feel shitty. ). What I am saying is to find out WHY you wanna unfollow them, stop being around them, or to stop seeing their content. Here’s why.........

As I sat with this insight I thought about the times I wanted to unfollow accounts because I felt “icky about me” or envious of what they were doing because I wanted those same things.......and that made me feel bad. Like WHOA....fucking lightbulb! And guess what?? Those people did absolutely NOTHING. It was my own inner shit bubbling up the the surface. Those people and accounts mirrored back to me my own “Golden Shadow”. They were literally mirroring back all I had inside, desired, wanted, COULD have....BUT somewhere inside I was blocking myself with a limiting belief, a shitty/false thought pattern, and a completely misaligned mindset. (Ding Ding Ding, Nichol!!!!! )

So, yeah.....sit with that shit. There is a story in it for you. I fully believe this. Why? Because I’ve been there, I’ve been in the thick of it, and I’m still learning....but I’m way more aware now. Those “triggers” are Soul portals and expanders.

Do I still get triggered? Hell yes, but I really love those times because it’s an invitation to ask, “What do you see here that you feel like you are not getting or giving yourself, Nichol? How can you give it to yourself?” That awareness is some super empowering, insightful stuff...huh?

And guess what? I’m sure I trigger people too. And that’s okay because I know they are on the edge of their own breakthrough and that’s why they feel this way.

One thing I’ve noticed is this:

When you live life on your own terms, show up as your authentic self, speak your truth, share your wisdom, and live your life fully aligned to what FEELS good to will have people who cannot handle it. Why? Because you are inviting them into the calling of their own Soul for this type of free flowing fluidity. (They will get there. We just gotta be patient). You ARE a mirror, a beautiful radiant mirror.

This is just something I wanted to share that has helped me on my journey and I wanted to pass along this insight. If anything, this causes you to stop...reflect....and ponder.

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