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I Am Creative. You are Creative. We are Creative.

Image by Brandy Cunningham Photography

Creative energy is something that flows and one we cannot force. It’s fluidity moves through each of us when we allow ourselves to get out of the way and drop the expectations of what we should make happen or how it should happen to ALLOW it to happen and unfold as it should.

We are all creative beings who have the ability and capacity to allow this magical essence to flow through. We are called everyday to tap back into our inner child and play. (Our inner child is that pure innocence of play, fun, creation, and imagination ). To allow that energy to flow, to listen, and to allow the inspiration to move us and through us. This isn’t something that chooses a selected few or a special group of individuals. It is available to us all. It’s awaiting our attention, our awareness, and our releasing of the blocks we have created around “being creative”.

It’s relaxing into the flow and dropping a forceful mentality to “hustle” or “get shit done”.....and allowing ourselves to flow into alignment. From this place we take INSPIRED and ALIGNED action for our creations. When we change our mindset around creating we open ourselves up to new realms of possibility and unlimited potential. This is something we all have access to. The innate gifts of expansion, creations, and openness are within every single person.

I think “flowing and being fluid” with creating sometimes gets viewed as “sitting on our ass all day long and wishing things to get done or create themselves while doing no action.” It’s actually quite different in my experience. It’s about being able to tap into our intuitive and knowing nature. Being able to slow yourself down and get really clear about why or what it is you want to create......and then LISTEN. Surrendering our own personal agenda and allowing inspiration to flow to and through us. Taking that Divine inspired idea and then taking ALIGNED action. The shifting gears between “receiving and doing”....the feminine and masculine energy. It’s in the switching of gears between the two and listening to what is called of you in each moment. It’s being tapped into your infinite, expansive well of wisdom and truth.

Sometimes we create for others, sometimes we create solely for ourselves, sometimes we create for our financial well-being of our business(s), sometimes we create just for fun of it......the point is that we create no matter what. We create because we feel inspired to do so....not because we “have to”.

We create because the “inspiration fairy” has floated into the awareness of our lives and will not stop tapping us on the shoulder until it’s brought to life. We remain open and receptive to all of the magic and possibilities that swirl around us. We take that inspired, aligned action when it strikes. We allow ourselves to become the clear channel for magic to flow through.

I am creative. You are creative. We are creative.

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