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What If.......

Brandy Cunningham Photography

What if you started to believe in your desires and dreams more than your fears?

What if you started showing up for yourself the way you long for others to show up for you?

What if you started to focus on all that is and has gone right in your life?

What if you showered yourself in all the love, appreciation, and compassion that you desire in a romantic partnership?

What if you looked in the mirror and saw all the beauty that a person who is seeing you for the first time sees?

What if all the worth, attention, and validation you so desperately seek is held within your own hands?

You all ends and begins you. You are more powerful that you realize. The moment you awaken to your own inner alchemy is the day you reclaim it all.

Showing up for yourself is an ACT of sacred self-love. When you begin to show up in the light of love you do not shove fear aside. You begin to invite fear into your light and from that space you can nurture it, love it, and allow it to speak to you...telling you where the fear is manifesting from. From this attuned state you can then decide if there is any validity to this fear-based feeling or thought. Once we tune into ALL of our states we begin to understand ourselves on much deeper levels....realizing we are multi-layered beings.

Our fear is simply an unclaimed, unloved, and un-nurtured part of our being. Allow yourself to bring it back into WHOLEness.......back into the light of love.

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