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Merging Your Soulfulness and Your Humanness

Taken by Brandy Cunningham Photography

Can we be human and soulful at the same time? I think so.

I find that some people feel (for some reason) they must choose one or the other....or even transcend their humanness. (we aren't here to transcend our humanness. We are here to learn, to experience, and to merge our lessons with our Soulful self. Why else would you have chosen to incarnate to this planet?) Why can’t we be both? Human and SOULFUL? Can’t we be allowed to merge the two parts? Learning from both of them? Isn’t that what makes us whole?

We are here to experience both. This is a path we signed up for before coming into physical form on this Earth. We are here to gain and experience the lessons of our human lives while reclaiming our Spiritual truths. You are a you might as well jump aboard the train and make this the best possible life you can.

My humanness feels the intense emotions, pain, and trauma of this planet/humanity deeply. Sometimes it is too much for me to House. I feel deeply. I intake deeply. I observe deeply. I process deeply. My Soulful self wants to help, fix, heal, transmute, and take away all that for everyone. Maybe that’s the role I signed up for? One to feel it deeply so that I can take some of this collective pain from humanity AND Mother Earth to help transmute it into light? Sometimes this path feels lonely and I often have to remind myself that I never walk this path alone. But, damn...I have my days where it feels like I am. Maybe you too feel this way.

Having always been labeled “sensitive “ or “tender hearted” I now realize how much of a gift this is. Too feel so deeply. To feel it all. To be the person who can sit and listen to your pain and cry with you. (Or can feel it and sense it as I pass by you or simply by thinking of you). Sometimes I cry out of sheer happiness too. I can sense and feel emotional release in my clients before they actually let it out (and I cry before they do most times). I feel it all. I choose to let this gift I have been given be one I use to help others, to help the planet, and to help the collective. I am grateful for it.

I often have conversations with other Soulful beings who feel the same way as me. In those times it’s nice to know that the path I am on is one that others have walked, are walking, or will walk.....but in their own special way. The way their Soul signed up. I am able to share my thoughts, feelings, downloads, and experiences with others who understand we are here living our full expressions as humans while being soulful too.

I don’t have it all figured out. (News one does. We are living out our own perceived truths). I’m still growing, learning, and unlearning. So if you find yourself questioning being human vs transcending your easy. We can integrate both parts. Our humanness AND our SOULFUL selves. We don’t have to “kill off” our humanness to make progress on our path. (At least I don’t plan to) Maybe I’m rambling....maybe this makes no sense to you....and yet, maybe this resonates for just ONE person who reads it. And that.....that is what it’s about. Sharing and connection.

I’m simply living, learning, and loving the fuck outta life. I stand in the truth of who I am. I AM love. I AM light. I AM a Soulful being. I AM human.

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