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Mary Magdalene Musings

I often sit and find my mind stirring...wondering and playing in places that feel vastly different from this Earthly plane. I've been one to explore the otherworldly, cosmic planes on existence. I guess this is what brought my deep connection to the Goddesses over 5-years ago.

I didn't set out to embark on a journey with them or even trying to connect to them. It just happened. I was working at my computer one day and had a divine spark to start learning about my bleed/moon cycle and that....that moment right there took me on this 5-year journey of working with. learning about, and channeling Goddess energy. Something if you would have told me 10-years ago as I went through my Saturn Return that I would be doing...I would have thought, "Yeah, right! Me?? Channeling Goddesses? No fucking way?" Well, here I channeling and working daily with Goddess energy.

I've worked with Mary Magdalene for the past several years while on my own sacred journey. She very often makes her energy known during client sessions and offering some beautiful wisdom and healing as I hold sacred space. She holds such a loving, but powerful energy of love, sovereignty, empowerment, and inner alchemy. I want to share some channeled musings and wisdom from Mary Magdalene. Just center yourself, open up to receive the medicine meant for you in this now moment, and breathe. And remember, take what resonates and leave the rest.

Message from Mary Magdalene:

"Dear child,

I come to you today to remind you of the cosmic force you house from within. Reminding you that you are the bridge between Heaven and Earth. The energy flow from the two flow through you and to you, you house so much creative and healing potential from with yourself. Many have forgotten this magical potential that brims from within I am here to remind you of the deep connection to source and creation that you have. You are always connected and the moment you tune into it all with intention you create a force of energy that starts to attune yourself to it's frequency at a much higher vibration.

You are divinely human and you are divinely part of pure source energy, of God. I know that sometimes the word God may be triggering for many, but it is up to you to create you own sacred definition around what God is and what God means to you. This is a sacred energy of creation between you and the energies around you. It's safe to breathe into that space and feel. What comes up? What images form? Let it all flow and go to all the places within you that desire nourishment.

The Cosmic Egg of creation is not outside of you, but within you. Where you ask? It reside in your heart. Your heart is a sacred gatekeeper of wisdom, desires, codes, and musings. I share this with you so that you can find deep contentment in knowing that this sacred well is always inside of you and flowing. Uncomplicate it all by lovingly creating space to drop in, touch, and communicate to your heart...often. This connection is a deeply vast one that when cultivated will bring to you much joy and sacred wisdom your soul holds. This is the deepest connection we can foster...the one to our self.

Trust that the path you are currently on is the one meant for you in this moment. You were brought here today to read my words and sweet musings to act as an activation portal. Take the words that touched you most and hold them in your heart...and when ready, unleash them. Let them circulate through every part of your beingness. I flow through you now...I am part of you. I love you and I am always standing by awaiting the call to connect."

I hope you enjoyed this channeled musing of words from the Goddess Mary Magdalene. My goal is to share more through this blog space. I will be sharing channeled messages, holistic healing tips, spiritual chats, love notes from my soul, and much much more. Stay tuned. Hugs and Love, N

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