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Energy Healing IS For Everyone

Sending you ALL Energy Blessings in the way you need it.

Hey Babes!

I wanted to talk about something that has been on my mind around energy healing or any other modality that is seen as "alternative" (but it's not really's been around a lot longer than Modern Medicine, y'all).

I hear so many people who think you only seek out an energy healing, crystal healing, card reading, shamanic journey session, past life regression, EFT session, Akashic Records reading, an astrology reading, etc.....ONLY when something is broke. This could not be further from the truth. Where in the world did we start this trend that those sessions are only used in times of total despair? Do you only go to the dentist when you have a tooth that is aching and hurting the fuck outta your mouth? Do you only change the oil in your car when your engine is smoking and probably blown? I'm gonna take a wild guess and say...Probably not. : )

Do people come to see me when they are feeling broken? As a last resort? At their wits end? Of course...this is what most times will bring people knocking at the door of someone like me. Why? Because for some odd reason we have ingrained in us from society that these modalities/offerings are "woo woo", don't work, are "weird", and you might even think...."working with dark forces". (to which I kinda giggle....because that is so far off the path of what I do, but hey...I don't judge where you are or what you believe. People will often judge what they can't understand or refuse to understand) Those people find me when nothing else is seeming to work for them in their lives and they think, "Well shit, what do I have to lose? It's worth a shot." And you know what? I'm grateful to those people who listened in their moments like this because it brought me so many wonderful lifelong clients who have also become friends. I am not here to "fix" them...I am here to EMPOWER them to become their OWN healer.

BUT-I also see my fair share of clients who seek me out, find me, or come in to each session because it resonates with them, they desire something within that they can't seem to unlock, access, or find yet........... they need/desire an energy tune up, they desire this integration of energy medicine in their life, they feel a block in their life and are ready to explore it, etc. And guess what? There is nothing wrong with seeking the services or guidance of someone in my field of passionate work when life is flowing along perfectly for you. You will still benefit and you may even come out of the session feeling even more sense of knowningness inside insights.....bigger sense of who you many beautiful things. These sessions serve as "energetic hygiene" in my opinion. (you know, like how you shower...brush your teeth.....go to the your hair cut......service your car).....Why would you NOT take care of your energetic field? Your chakras? Your aura? Your Soul body? Your meridian points? (this affects the MIND, BODY, and SOUL.....that's pretty fucking powerful)

There are so many beautiful tools available to us. I love being able to share the gifts and offerings I have created. I AM so grateful to all the beautiful people that I am able to recieve tune-ups and readings from. (Yes, EVEN people like me...who do this for a living.....need to surround themselves with beautiful Souls who can help us out too)

I love calling in people who desire the medicine that I infuse into each of the sessions I design for my clients. So, keep an open mind....stay flexible and fluid. And don't wait till something is broken or needing fixed.....take care of yourself now....your entire being will most def thank you.



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