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Breathing In 2019. Integrating 2018.

Brandy Cunningham Photography

As we wind down the year I have been reflecting back on my word of intention (my mantra) I picked for 2018. My word of intention for 2018 was: ALIGNMENT. I wanted total, intentional alignment in every single area, crack, crevice, and facet of my life. Nothing was absent from this total shift. Nothing. I wanted to allow space for massive alignment, burning away all that no longer felt good or served me, to put my in sync with an even deeper rhythm of my Soul, etc.

It’s funny to think back on the end of 2017 as I felt drawn to that word (alignment) and how I thought it would all unfold come this past year. Being on my path and doing the work for the (almost 9 years) I thought I was pretty damn aligned on (almost) all fronts......guess what? When you show up with full intention around something be prepared for the Universe to show up with that loving (and sometimes hard to swallow) energy. Alignment came flooding into all areas and did the damn thing. Like, whoa.....but also like “FUCK yes!” It was needed. And I surrendered to it all (sometimes with loads of tears, but hey....I fucking trusted)......and took ALIGNED, INSPIRED action, daily. It proved to be exactly what I was ready for.

And don’t worry-it wasn’t all “sunshine, unicorns, faeries, and rainbows” (although a vast majority was pretty fucking magical).....there were bouts of tears, uprooting of buried shit, and moments I wanted to be a hermit away from others, but I survived and thrived. Those moments are just as important as those "high vibe moments" much growth and integration happened from those spaces as I honored them. No matter where you are in your journey.....we all move with those ebbs/flows, peaks/valleys, ups/downs, etc. Remain fluid, flexible, and curious.

2018 shaped me, aligned me, and pushed me beyond my comfort zones. She swept me up in her energy and said, “No. Go here. Do this. Let this go. Trust me, I know where you are going even if you don’t.....yet.” I listened. I surrendered. I took aligned action....even when I didn’t want to, but could feel it felt right. I did a lot of shedding which ALLOWED new space to align.

As I flow toward 2019 feeling SO aligned to who I am....I have been thinking of my word of intention that I want to move me into this new year of energy. I’m allowing alignment to sprinkle her magic all over my life as I declare 2019 full on: AUTHENTIC FLOW, POWER, and TRUTH. A new layer of depth added. A BIGGER more expansive self emerging. A more expanded and deeper heart centered embodiment. A reclaiming of my inner Goddess fully activated. Stepping up and being seen more fully. A new layer. A deeper expression. An added depth of Nichol. The True Self fully displayed even more. Welcoming this into all areas of my life, health, relationships, family life.....all.

This doesn’t mean I haven’t been living in that expression, but it means with all the lessons and insights of 2018 I have cleared spaced and burned away what no longer serves my path so that I can rise up to meet this new expansion more fully. More deeply. More integrated. With each new layer we peel away, with each new wall we bust through, with each new stone we overturn......we uncover a bigger depth to who we are. You guys.....we are a huge, vast ocean of infinite-ness. So many depths of multi-dimensional being-ness.

2019 feels like a year of “YES” to all that resonates with the very essence of my Soul (and saying "no" to everything that is no longer aligned or feels good. BOUNDARIES) . Activated beyond measure. Excited and READY to show up with this deeper presence. AND still shedding and unpacking more of what is no longer aligned as my vibration shifts. Stepping into a new year to be even truer to myself. I feel READY to be more me than I have ever been. I have done the deep work (and I’m sure they’ll be more along the way) and I feel ready to collaborate, create, and floooooow. To surrender my agenda so that I can call in ALL opportunities meant for me.

As in the words of my very good, insightful, and magical friend Ron : ”New Year, TRUE You!”

In picking the word/mantra/prayer that feels GOOD to me I am also calling in the inner guidance that rises up to meet the vibration of that word/mantra/prayer energies. This inner guidance connects me to its energies and from this space of deep connection I intuitively take my aligned, inspired action. This space of fluidity and flexibility allows me to take the actions that are aligned for my Highest Self. I don’t just pick a word and “hope” it does the work for me. (Not how it works, babes. Ha ha). In calling in this energy I “surrender my agenda”, allow, receive, trust, and take inspired/aligned action. It’s a beautiful dance between the feminine and masculine energies.

What was your intentional mantra or word(s) of Intention for 2018? How did it go and flow for you?

What will be your intentional mantra for 2019?

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