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As You Unfold

Picture by Brandy Cunningham Photography

When you are aligned to who you will understand that you are limitless. You are abundant. You will be unbound by the programming you once thought to be true. You will understand the deeper meaning and connections of this life. You will literally feel it. You will realize competition seeks to separate into categories while collaboration seeks to empower by uniting our energies.

You will understand all the ways that keep you playing small, judging others, stuffing people into groups, labeling everything, and begin the process of upgrading your mindset and vibration to what you know has always been true. You will stop playing the game, you will see through the illusions, you will step into your own authentic willpower, and you will start to anchor in the New Earth energies.

As you awaken you crack open new layers, new codes, new realms, new dimensions, and new ways. Ways that are now here to serve you in a way that your Soul is ready for. The process is never unfolds.  When we rush it or force it we interrupt the Divine flow that is coming and create blocks along the energetic pathways. When we step aside, surrender, detach, and let go of any and all expectations...we can be certain that what is delivered to us is exactly what we need. It’s never our job to worry about the “How”. (Be. Allow. Open. In joy. Receiving)

We are not “moving up”, but we are rather moving into, calling in, and anchoring in the energies. These higher frequencies have always been inside you. The codes have always been there. The ancient wisdom has been lying dormant and awaiting your return to it. Once you ignite it....spark it....unlock it....set it ablaze.

Your remembrance is part of the bigger picture. It is needed. You (like all of humanity) holds a unique puzzle piece encoded with sacred medicine that when added to the giant matrix of new energies.....ignites us ALL. It forms the very important grid-work that is continuing to form more strongly as others awaken to their path...their truest path. Tearing away false illusions and rising up to be seen, fully. Together we anchor in the NEW energy and step into its fullness.

Ready. Open. Excited. Willing.

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