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Approaching Life with Curiousity

Brandy Cunningham Photography

What if we interrupted the voice of worry with curiosity? How would that begin to shift your perspective? How would this impact what you do or how you feel? What could you gain?

When that voice in your head says, “You shouldn’t do that! Don't say this! Don't you dare share that! Don't dress that way! Don't create this! What if no one likes it! People are going to judge you!”, interrupt it with curiosity.....”Why not? Why shouldn’t I create this or speak my truth? Why can't I dress this way? Would people really judge me? So what if others judge me....I feel really aligned to this!”. What if you started to have little chats with those "fears" that bubbled up at the time they began to arise?

Worry is just fear wearing a disguise and it comes in to keep us “safe” and to make us feel “comfortable “, but a lot of times we allow that feeling to run our life and call all the shots. We can take back the power and actually use this worry to help us gain clarity around WHY we think/feel a certain way. Get investigative with yourself. Ask yourself.....”Is there any truth or validity to this fear-based worry?” Go inward. Listen. Allow the insight to surface.

Most times we create a story-line (we are super good about creating this BIG story, aren’t we?) based around a fear that can/could/will talk us outta a whole lot, keeps us playing small, hampers us from speaking our truth, and makes us wanna play it safe. Allowing ourselves to keep playing into this feeling of being “stuck”, “helpless”, or “blocked”. (Don’t get me wrong....these feelings aren’t always “bad”.....they are real good indicators aka “rest stops” for you to RE-ALIGN yourself and to gain major clarity around what in your life is MISALIGNED). What if we started to sit with those moments and approach it with curiosity? A sense of wonder? To play a game with it if you find out what is really going on.

Instead of letting worry trip you out, let it call you in to gain truth and clarity. Let it bring you insights you have been asking for. Let it help you get to the true story of who you are, what your mission is, what makes you feel purposeful, and what anchors you into this life.


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