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10 Things I'm Currently Finding Joy In

WELCOME BACK to the blog space! I have recently been called back to this space to share and create more here we are and I hope you will join me.

Today, I want to share 10 daily habits that I have been finding consistent flow in and that are truly bringing me joy on all fronts. Everything I do has an influence of Mind-Body-Soul principles and that is super important to me as I want to feel OPTIMAL in all areas.

  1. Tongue Scraping: Yeah, I know. Doesn't sound too exciting does it? BUT, it is a beautiful practice that I have found I enjoy. Tongue Scraping isn't something new. It is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that has been around for a very, very long time.

  2. Oil Pulling: This is another Ayurvedic practice that I do AFTER I tongue scrape. Now, MOST everyone talks about doing it with coconut oil, but did you know that isn't the traditional way of doing oil pulling? I have learned that most ancient practices recommend using Sesame Oil. So, that is what I use in my practice.

  3. Morning Lemon Water with a Pinch of Himalayan Salt: Starting your morning off with 16-oz of fresh water with a squeeze of a fresh lemon and a pinch of HIGH quality salt is a wonderful way to wake up digestion, help support your liver, rehydrate after a night's sleep, and to help prep your body for it's first bowel movement of the day.

  4. Coffee Enema and Red Light Therapy: Have you ever done a coffee enema? Researched the benefits? Did you know that Jesus did Coffee Enemas? I've been doing CE's for YEARS. And, I love them. I also pair my CE time with Red Light Therapy too. Why? Well, being a busy momma who has a 14-month old at home I have had to get creative on compounding some of my practices together so that I can fit them in.

  5. Lymphatic Work and Dry Brushing: I CANNOT sing the praises of daily lymph work and dry brushing. Your lymph system is so key to overall health. It's often a very overlooked system and one not talked about a lot in the realm of health, wellness, and healing. Why? I honestly just think a lot of people and professionals do not know near enough about it. BUT, for me....I thrive in researching, learning, and teaching myself practices that can optimize my overall wellness and lifestyle. Lymph work is ONE I love to chat with people about as so many have NO clue just how important their lymph system is and so many have no idea what it does/functions are.

  6. Cold Immersions This one has def been a very big "move out of your comfort zone, Nichol" practice. Yes, I did cold soaks and cold showers....when I wanted to, but not consistent enough. So, a few weeks ago I made the promise and intention with myself to SHOW UP EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next 30 days to some sort of cold immersion. So, for's either cold showers or a cold tub soak. Cold Immersion Therapy has SO MANY benefits to it. The main one for me is to help with some nervous system healing and regulation. So far I'm loving it. Does that mean it's easy? Hell NO..haha. Some days I want to not do it, but thankfully for husband is doing it with me too and he def helps keep me sticking to my intention.

  7. Daily Movement I know, this sounds so simple, but how many out there move EVERY SINGLE DAY? My intention...daily movement. Since I'm a Group Fitness Instructor (one of my many life purpose hats I wear) I do have a set 3 days built into each week where I am moving, but on the other days it's up to me to pick my movement and do it. What does that look for me? Well, my movement of choice will always been a long walk outside while pushing my daughter in her stroller. Walking is such an underrated form of movement. So many benefits just by walking (balance hormones, balance cortisol levels, reduce stress/anxiety/depression, helps to shed belly fat, boosts metabolism, etc). I aim to walk for at least an hour on the days when the weather is cooperative. IF I cannot do an outdoor walk I may do yoga, weights, jump on my mini-trampoline, dance, or ride my Peloton bike. I just have one goal in mind....MOVE MY BODY.

  8. Meditation, Shamanic Journeying, and Prayer Time Since having our third child 14-months ago a lot of the way I use to practice meditation, journeying, and prayer time has really shifted. It was not an easy transition if I'm being completely transparent. I truly kicked, screamed, and voiced my frustrations in not being able to do it all "the old way". (aka alone and when I wanted to do it). It took me about a year...yes, a find my groove and my way. I had a real "come to Jesus moment" where I was like, "Nichol, you can either whine about not doing it the old way and not do it at all and the feel not as centered as you'd like...OR you can find a NEW WAY. The choice is yours!" So, I chose to find my NEW WAY and accepted that the "old me" is no longer who I am and I'm being gifted this way of doing things as this is my new path. I fit in prayer time as she sleeps next to me in the morning (she's a co-sleeper, I wait to meditate until she is napping, and I reserve my Shamanic Journeying to weekends when my husband is home so that I can fully drop in without worrying about a baby who may wake up from nap time. I have made the shifts because these are IMPORTANT pillars of my lifestyle.

  9. Nervous System Regulation Practices I have come to fully realize that a dysregulated nervous system will never fully allow you to heal and/or allow the body to repair as optimally as it can. Why? Because a nervous system that is in fight or flight, freeze, or fawn does not feel safe. So if the body doesn't feel safe it will not allow itself to let go of it's current coping tools. So, it is up to use to do the things that soothe and help our nervous system heal. After the birth of our third daughter my nervous system became totally dysregulated and not because of just had been a long time coming I feel and her birth was just the entry point for it to all come to an ugly head. I've made it my mission to learn all I can about the nervous system, sympathetic nervous system, parasympathetic nervous system, trauma healing, Vagus Nerve health, and all the ways that help the nervous system feel safe and regulated. I honestly think I was led down this path not only to help myself and teach myself through LIFE PROOF, but to be able to use my real life experience to help those I work with.

  10. Eat Nourishing Foods This may seem like a no brainer to many, but with some much fucking "word soup" around what to eat out there it can be so confusing to many. I come from an Exercise Science background with a focus on Nutrition and I can tell you the world of information out there is so OVERWHELMING. I can see how or why people feel lost, defeated, or confused when trying to figure out how to eat to feel better, lose weight, or heal their body. Plus, you have to be EXTREMELY discerning as there is so much false information, fad diet crap, or harmful suggestions. Being a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach my focus is on feeling OPTIMAL. I read a lot, I research a lot, and I try a lot of myself. I have landed on what works for me and that is a whole foods plant based diet that focuses on high raw eating (fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and herbs) with one WFPB cooked meal at night. I ensure I take high quality herbs and adaptogens too as I find that these are very supportive. I've had to learn a lot about food and herbs on a deeper level after having my third child as my hormones and gut health all felt out of whack. Eating nourishing foods is SO VITAL to every aspect of how I feel in my day to day life.

So, there you have it....the 10 things I'm currently loving and finding a lot of joy in. Now, this list will shift and change over time. I will add in new things and even take some out. There are lots of things I do to help me feel optimal. Some are part of my daily routine while others I do on a weekly basis or in an "as needed basis".

I share this list to help inspire you and give you some ideas of what I'm doing. I'm frequently asked about what it is that I'm here you have it, my current Top 10. If you want more in-depth shares you can check out my newest podcast episode where I talk about all of those things. Check it out on SPOTIFY and ITUNES

I hope you enjoyed today's share! Hugs, Nichol

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