4-Week Sacred Soul Activation|Alignment  

Energy Investment

The 4-week offering is for those who are READY to step up, step out, shine, heal, grow, transform, and expand in their life. This is an offering of EMPOWERMENT.  The intention behind this time together is to help the client understand their energetic flow, their sub-conscious story that may be keeping them stuck, and to help them gain confidence in being the healer of their OWN life.


During the 4-week time together you will learn various tools to help you along your path and you will feel empowered as you navigate your own personal journey.  The flow of our time together is 100% intuitively led and guided. I operate from a very fluid, flowy, and feminine energy so our sessions do have some "skeleton bones" structure, but ultimately I love to operate from this deeply surrendered trust of flow. 

In our 4-week Sacred container we will meet once a week via Zoom for 75-min for energy play, meditation, Akashic Record channeling, Shamanic Journeying, EFT, and helping you to tap into your own  energy. You will receive your weekly session recordings, a weekly integration "homework" activity to help you anchor in what took place during our call, recorded meditations, a weekly mantra just for you, and BASIC info on your Human Design (your energetic aura). All of these things will be given to you in your own Dropbox folder. 

Here is the "Skeleton" outline of what we will flow through:


Week 1 is all about "Cleansing and Clearing" where we take a look at what is going on within and what is being called for you to dive into during our time together. 


Week 2 is all about "Activation and Alignment" where we begin the process of looking at what is ready to awaken within you, to be activated, and reclaimed.

Week 3 is all about "Rebirth" where we give life to the new you who has stepped forward to re-emerge and is now ready to rewrite the story(s) you have been playing a part in, but are ready to give life to the essence of who you have always been at your core.

Week 4 is all about "Embodiment" where we focus on our intention, energy, and awareness on the new story we have created and really showing up to our spaces with confidence in the way we embody this new emotional attraction point that we are now vibrating out. 


To reserve your spot or to book a drop-in call to see if this is a good fit for you, please send me a message through my website. I will reply to you ASAP.  Spaces a limited each month, so feel free to reach out if you desire one.

**Payment options are available if you choose to do weekly sessions for the 4-weeks time-frame option**

***We can also CUSTOMIZE the Sacred Container as well if you desire more than 4-weeks together***