Do You Have a Witch Wound?

Do you resonate with the word "witch'? Or does it make your shrink back and cringe? What is your body's response? Remember, the body keeps score. It stores it in cellular memory and within it's tissues.

The term witch to me goes FAR BEYOND what mainstream media has made us think. To me, a witch is a being who LIVES, BREATHES, and FLOWS from their power. Unafraid to be seen, heard, and to reclaim all parts of themselves, the light AND the shadow.

I have seen and worked with so many souls who have deep rooted witch wounds...myself included. Do you feel you have a witch wound? Do you know what it means to have a witch wound? I'm going to give you a brief breakdown in my own words what this means and looks like...all from my own perspective : )

So, before we dive in...let's back up a bit to gather a little context and history (I am no historian by any means. Just sharing what I've learned, read, and felt over the years of doing my own inner witch healing). It is said between the 1300-1400's that a massive witch hunt spanned from Europe to the America's where around 60,000 (some accounts say more) women were burned at the stake, hung, persecuted, out casted from their community, tortured, and so much more. Many died in horrendous ways and so many were senselessly tortured until they would simply name someone in the community to have their own life spared (even if they were blindly naming someone.....they were thrusted into a traumatic survival mode) During this time period, no one was safe from the witch trials.

As you can see, this was a pretty horrible and intense time to have lived in and experienced. Maybe you experienced it in a past life, maybe you have bloodline ancestors who were took part in these witch trials, or maybe you have ancestors who were accused in the witch trials. This energy is real. This energy runs deep. This is a wounding I have had to work on innerstanding and integrating in this lifetime. It was an unconscious energy that I couldn't fully understand on a deep somatic level until I started to do a lot of inward journeying and visioning. So much came up on how this wound was keeping me small, stuck, and afraid to be seen.

Ways the Witch Wound Can Show Up:

1. Fear of Being Seen

I DEF struggled with this one. I was afraid to show up, share my voice, and let others in on my gifts as a channel between realms, energy worker, and owning my power/gifts/medicine. I had the BIGGEST throat chakra block that would manifest in chronic sore throats with no underlying issues. These were being brought on by me stifling my expression, my voice, and from feeling afraid to share who I was. I didn't want to be seen.

2. Competition or Jealousy Among Other Women

You may be asking "How does this create a witch wound?", well, it does. During the witch trials you were branded a witch for simply gathering with groups of other women. (I think patriarchy KNEW how powerful women where and wanted to dismantle that shit reaaaaal quick) . This also caused a whole movement of women turning on women to simply spare their own lives. This caused a complete imbalance in trust, safety, relationship energy, and sacred sisterhood bonding. (so many lower chakra traumas were created and passed on to many). This is in no way to blame these women....I can't imagine being put in their shoes. BUT, this is to showcase how this "witch/sisterhood wound" began.

3. Feeling Afraid to Embrace Your Sensuality and Sexuality

Again, we can thank patriarchy for this one. During the witch trials if you were a sexual being, had sex out of marriage, or were caught in an affair you were branded a witch. I do think this also caused some trauma and wounding to our lower chakras again. It suppressed the Dark Goddess energy and made her lie dormant for a very long time. Feeling afraid to own her sexuality, her power, and her truth. This power was not accepted during this time and if you were someone who was embracing this innate Shakti essence you were branded a witch.

4. Feeling Unsafe to Show Up

This wounding comes from feelings of being betrayed (someone may have given your name as a witch) or maybe you had to watch those you loved be killed during the witch trials. This creates a huge wounding from within that tells you "it's not safe to show up, stay small. Its not safe."

5. Unable to Share Your Gifts

This is a HUGE one among those with a witch wound. Did you know that if you practiced herbalism you were a witch? That if you were a midwife you were a witch? That if you spoke out against religious text you were a witch? That if you offered healing remedies you were a witch? If you gathered in secret to talk about new ideas you were a witch? The list goes on and on. Practically anything that went against this newly established order of religion that did not fit the agenda led to being branded a witch. Do you fear speaking about ideas in a completely different way than most? Do you hold back? You might be feeling a witch wound surface.

6. Triggered by the Word Witch

This one is pretty self-explanatory. What do you feel when you hear it? I have had LOTS of clients over the years who I could tell had past lives as witches and when I would tell some of them this....they would be like, "Umm, do I have to do witchy shit to heal this wound?" and I could tell that the word witch triggered them. And guess what? SO MANY of them are NOW embracing their witchy ways. Witch is SIMPLY a word that YOU give meaning to. What does it mean to you?

This is not an all-inclusive list. This is simply a list of some of the ways I have seen this pop up in the lives of those I work with and in my own life.

For me, healing my witch wound started by me sharing my voice and sacred expression. It was me talking about what I doing/creating, the kind of sessions I did, what I loved, letting my expression be felt, and letting it be seen. I use to hide away BIG TIME. I didn't want to be judged, I didn't want to be seen, I didn't want to be out casted...I had the biggest fear of being pushed away from others and not being able to be part of a community.

It wasn't until I started going inward that I could feel where this thread of energy was coming from. It was a cellular imprint my soul was carrying. In this lifetime I have had to remind myself MANY times over and over again that it IS SAFE to be seen. This process of deep unraveling has happened over the years as I allow myself to go inward, to spend time journaling, to go on inner vision questing, and to allow these parts to be recalled and reclaimed back into my beingness.

Healing the witch wound is about reclaiming your power, calling back your soul fragments, and allowing yourself to become whole again. This has been the healing medicine I have found while on my path....and I'm still finding new layers. May you find yours too.

Hugs, N

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